Both marble and granite are considered natural stones and make excellent choices for countertops.

The Benefits of Natural Stone Countertops

Tables and countertops made of natural stone are not only exceptionally strong and durable, but also add an excellent touch to the decor of any space. The luxurious feel and simple elegance of natural stone make it suitable for a wide variety of areas, while, the quality and reliability will ensure that your investment will serve you for years to come.

Unlike other materials, granite does not scratch or burn, is indifferent to changes in temperature and humidity, and the color and texture of the stone remains forever unchanged.

Materials and Colors Of Granite Countertops

The wide variety of available colors and patterns of natural stone provides even the most demanding customers with enough selection to find the exact granite or marble countertop they need.

Large Variety of Styles

Granite is a durable material with excellent strength characteristics. Recommended for use in tables, countertops, bar counters and washrooms.

Marble is considered a “soft” stone with exceptional decorative characteristics that can be quite eye catching.

Shapes and dimensions

Due to the natural origin of natural stone, whole pieces are often limited in size of roughly 2m (6.5ft) x 3m (9.6ft). If the required size of the countertop surface is larger than this, several pieces of stone are required. These are then carefully joined together, treated and finished off as whole.

Granite the natural choice

Only through careful and competent processing of the joints, the transitions become virtually impossible to detect. The standard thickness of natural stone countertops is 3cm (3/4″), but custom thickness is available for special orders.

Available Granite Counter Top Edges

The edge of the natural stone countertops can take many different forms. This edge is part of the natural stone that gives the product a finished unique look and protects the edge from chipping.

Granite Countertop Edges

Stone Countertops Recommendations

Despite the universal properties of the stone, there are recommendations for it’s application. For countertops in the kitchen the best type of natural stone is granite. This will ensure the countertops do not stain (wine, beets, carrots) and remain scratch free despite the use of sharp objects.

Granite Perfect for the Kitchen

The wide variety of colors and textures allows you choose a granite countertop to fit your specific design. From a classical to modern styles, a granite countertop can add the extra touch your kitchen needs. Additionally, granite countertops allow for additional polishing, grinding or processing to add various styling to the stone. And this creates the possibility for even more specific style variation.

The most perfect countertop for the bathrooms is marble. This stone can easily withstand a wide variety of humidity levels and adds high decorative center piece to the room. A nice piece of marble can really give your bathroom that special charm. Best of all marble is said to have excellent antibacterial and hygienic properties as well.

Marble for the bathroom

Another area where we typically find stone countertops is in the outdoor barbecue area. The best type of stone for the outdoors is once again granite. This is because granite does not fade in the sun and can easily withstand daily and seasonal temperature changes.

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